Sunday, November 2, 2008


Call me I can lower your mortgage payment by working with your lender to lower your interest rate to a low fixed rate. NO CREDIT CHECK, NO APPRAISAL, NO CLOSING COST. The only requirement is to currently be experiencing a hardship. Call me for a free consultation.


Friday, October 31, 2008

Lower Your Mortgage Bad Credit No Appraisal

Are you interested in lowering your mortgage interest rate in return having a more affordable monthly payment? I can help. The only requirement is be experiencing a hardship that is making it hard to pay your payments. This is the first time bad credit and no appraisal is a criteria to obtain a lower rate. There are others out there trying to do the same for people. You do not need to be licensed in order to perform this service. That is why you need me. I am not l;icensed but have had a mortgage broker license and have over 7 years experience with mortgages. I have some of the most qualified attorneys working with me to help lower your payment through your current lender. E mail me today I can even help if you are in foreclosure.